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Pilates Health Physiotherapy is a professional preventative & therapuetic exercise programme for people of all ages who want to learn to

Move Well and Stay Well!

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Our Approach

Pilates Health Physiotherapy is a professional assessment, management & exercise programme based in the Pilates tradition.

Pilates Health Physiotherapy is about learning better postures, re-learning better breathing patterns, discovering or re-discovering the art of relaxation, improving body awareness and how you use your body in your every day life and about learning how to improve the quality of your movement.   Movement is so central to our lives – it affects our health in every possible way. We rely on movement for attending to all our basic needs. Movement helps us maintain a healthy cardio-vascular system. A healthy cardio-vascular system, in turn, keeps all our organs healthy, not the least of which is our brain. A healthy and active brain gives us the motivation to work, learn and engage in our surroundings and with others.

Pilates Health Physiotherapy therefore offers an holistic preventative and therapeutic approach to better movement.

Our Approach

Suited to all ages and abilites ...

Movement is Life .....

The Team

Principal Physiotherapist:                                                    Administration:

Helen E Hartley BPhty, Cert Pilates Instructor APPI, MHPC, MCSP              Anita Twiddy  ( pilates-health-info@mailadmin.co.uk )


  • Liz Yull

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Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists