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Pilates Health Physiotherapy Home Visit Information

Due to clinic restrictions associated with COVID19 pandemic, Pilates Health Physiotherapy is currently only offering Home Visits for face to face assessment and treatment.  A remote assessment will be required before a decision is mutually made between Physiotherapist and client that a Home Visit is required.

Our clinic adheres strictly to the guidelines of Public Health England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists with regard to Policy on Home Visits. This information is current as of August 2020.  Further notification will be added as circumstances change.

Home Visit Fees:       £90


  • pre-visit phone assessment

  • phone check in on day of visit prior to attendance to ensure no COVID19 symptoms

  • 1 hour assessment and treatment

  • Protective Personal Equipment as required

Pilates Health Physiotherapy 

COVID19 Policy

This is what you can expect your physiotherapist to do to ensure your safety

  1. Your physiotherapist will have offered Remote assessment as a first contact and as a primary option for treatment and will only have offered you a face to face consultation where there is an assessed need and in agreement with you as the patient. 

  2. Your physiotherapist will go through a COVID screening process with you and record the details in the remote assessment prior to your home visit

  3. Your physiotherapist will do a COVID19 Screening assessment by phone on the day of your Home visit via telephone call.

  4. Your physiotherapist will keep up to date with and follow Public Health England COVID19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Guidelines

  5. Your physiotherapist will ensure she has appropriate training in the use of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  6. Your physiotherapist will provide and use appropriate PPE  and have systems and policies in place that govern its use.

  7. The physiotherapist will take away and appropriately dispose of any PPE immediately following leaving your premises.

  8. The physiotherapist will sanitise her hands before entering your home, during treatment if it is deemed necessary and when she leaves your home.

  9. The physiotherapist will maintain the required 2 metre distance (as at 15th June 2020) of 2 metres throughout the consultation wherever possible or appropriate.  Contact will be minimised where it is deemed necessary to be less than 2 metres and will not exceed 15 minutes 

  10. All face to face treatment will be documented as is required for maintaining professional conduct standards

Responsibilities of you, as the patient:

  1. I will notify my physiotherapist at any time prior to my appointment if I have a temperature or suspect I have any COVID19 symptoms or signs

  2. I agree to completing a remote assessment prior to my appointment to assess my needs and assist the physiotherapist in establishing the need for a face to face consultation

  3. I agree to correctly wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by my physiotherapist during my Home Visit consultation

  4. If there are other members of my household at home at the time of my appointment, I will ask them to not be present in the same room during my consultation unless it is necessary.  If a carer or guardian is required, I agree to my carer or guardian undergoing the same COVID19 screening process prior to my appointment

  5. I agree to provide soap and water for my physiotherapist when required

  6. I agree to use sanitiser on my hands before my consultation and during my consultation as required by my physiotherapist

  7. I will agree to maintain a 2 metre separation (as of 15th June, 2020) between myself and my physiotherapist wherever possible during my consultation.  I will minimise contact time at a separation of less than 2 metres during the appointment and this will not exceed 15 minutes.

  8. As far as possible, I will keep open all doors into the room that we are using for the consultation.

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