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Helen Hartley      BPhty, APPI Cert Pilates Instructor , HCPC Registered, MCSP

Principal Physiotherapist

Helen Hartley is a physiotherapist with over 35 years experience in spinal, postural and musculo-skeletal care.  Having graduated with a from University of Queensland in 1981, Helen worked in a number of hospital settings in Australia, with her main interests in spinal care, musculo-skeletal dysfunction, arthritidies, neurological rehabilitation and pain management.

As part of her ongoing interest in health delivery and evidence based practice, Helen has done further post-graduate studies in Health Management, Medicine and the Law,and Health Statistics as well as research in the area of Pain management specifically in the area of chronic pelvic pain and its relationship to avoidance of exercise, the consequent changes in posture, musculoskeletal balance and compounding of the pain experience. 

Since moving to the UK in 2002 , Helen worked for several years in an outpatients setting for the NHS.  During this time, Helen trained with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute in London, a physiotherapy based Pilates training school that teaches modified Pilates techniques with a particular reference to preventative and rehabilitation based exercise programmes.  Since gaining her Pilates teacher certification in 2006, Helen has also attended professional development programmes relating to exercise programmes for specific clinical areas relating to children and teenagers, osteoporosis, pre-natal and post-natal women and the use of larger equipment  in enhancing exercise programme and myofascial release and re-education.

Helen has developed and run information and remedial exercise programmes for adults with chronic low back, hip, knee, neck and shoulder pain.  Helen also has a keen interest in encouraging the over 60’s into Pilates based programmes in order to sustain independence into older age. With an ageing population, falls prevention is an area keenly supported by the NHS and documented in NICE guidelines:

As part of an ongoing commitment to understanding and promoting postural stability exercise programmes based in the Pilates tradition, Helen has also run CPD training sessions for other local professionals, has had referrals from and communicates with consultants and GPs.

Liz Yull
Bsc(Hons) Physio, Bsc(Hons)  Sports & Exercise Science, APPI Cert Pilates Instructor, HCPC Registered, MCSP

Liz Yull is a Physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience working in a variety of healthcare settings. Liz graduated from The University of Birmingham in 1998 with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences; she then decided to continue her studies at King’s College, London and in 2001 she graduated with BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy.  Liz first worked as a Physiotherapist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury where she completed a series of junior rotational posts and then worked in a static senior post specialising in musculoskeletal outpatients and hydrotherapy.

From 2007 until 2017, Liz  worked in the Physiotherapy Department at Spire Bushey Hospital.  Liz has developed an interest in the assessment and management of spinal conditions and more recently in physiotherapy for Womens Health.

Liz believes that physical activity, exercise and movement have a huge role to play in peoples’ wellbeing and management of pain and dysfunction.  Liz attended a series of postgraduate training courses at the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI) in London and in 2009 she became a fully accredited APPI Matwork Instructor.  Liz finds that the principles of clinical Pilates and Pilates exercises can be integrated into physiotherapy practice with great effect.

In 2010 Liz started to work with Helen Hartley and now she takes several regular classes for Pilates Health Physiotherapy. Liz shares Helen’s passion for continuing learning and development in the fields of Pilates, physiotherapy and exercise. Liz has attended further professional development courses relating to the clinical areas of the treatment and rehabilitation of the spine and pelvis, management of scoliosis, pre- and post-natal management and exercise, pelvic floor rehabilitation and the management of continence problems.

Liz and Helen identified a need for some more specific “Balance Pilates” classes for those clients who  struggle with balance and function in standing and have difficulty getting down to the floor for to perform traditional Pilates exercises. Liz has been successfully running a “Balance Pilates” class for Pilates Health since the 2016 Autumn Term.

In 2018, Liz Yull certified as a PINC physiotherapist to prrovide physiothrapy rehabilitation services to women with cancer (please see PINC Cancer Rehab Program )

Louisa Hartley    BSc (Hons) Physio, HCPC Registered, MCSP

Louisa graduated from Coventry university in 2012. She has worked in a variety of settings gaining broad experience in musculo-skeletal, hydrotherapy, orthopaedics, cardio-respiratory, neurology, and falls prevention.within a hospital setting.  Louisa currently has senior band 6 post at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where she has a full orthopaedic case load and responsibility for student physiotherapist education support. Louisa has gained considerable experience in running group classes focused on improving postural strength, flexibility and control.  Louisa has completed Level 3 training with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI).

Photo Helen .jpg
Helen Lammin
BSc (Hons) Physio, HCPC Registered

Helen graduated in 2008 from Brunel University with a first class honours and is currently a Senior Physiotherapist at Harefield Hospital and also a member of bank staff at BMI group at Bishops Wood Hospital in Northwood.   Helen has a wide range of physiotherapy experience including women's health, neurology, trauma orthopaedics, MSK, amputees, elderly care, community, and A&E.  

Helen has been a dedicated Pilates student practicing for five years continuing during  pregnancy with the pilates4life institute.  Helen has completed Level 3 Pilates training with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI).  

Anita Twiddy  BCom (Hons), ACA

Anita Twiddy is responsible for all class and clinic bookings & changes, payments and equipment orders.  For a speedy response, please direct any inquiries regarding these to Anita at:

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