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Christmas 2018 Charity Drive

Florence Nightingale Hospice

Charities like Florence Nightingale Hospice provide important patient, family and close friend support through all stages of incurable disease, with emphasis on improving and maintaining quality of life.  

In 2019, Pilates Health Physiotherapy have launched a PINC Cancer Care programme, so supporting any charity that encourages positive lifestyle changes for better quality of life, no matter what life stage, is very important to our philosophy.  Many thanks to all who contributed to this charity drive which raised £1350 to help fund the services provided by Florence Nightingale Hospice:

Christmas 2017 Charity Drive

Liz and Malcolm are running the Great Eastern Half Marathon to raise money to support Sue Ryder Hospice Care:  8th October, 2017

Every year, Pilates Health Physiotherapy supports a charity at Christmas. Christmas is a time of giving, and what better way than to help a charity that could use a little bit of extra financial support.  Last year, PHP supported Samaritans, and we raised in excess of £3,000 which was a brilliant effort for a charity that provides support in the community at times of crisis.

This year, Pilates Health Physiotherapy has chosen SarcoidosisUK.  A little known charity for a little known disease. 


Every year in the UK around 3,000 people are diagnosed with sarcoidosis.  Sarcoidosis is a condition where lumps called granulomas develop at different sites within the body. These granuloma are made up of clusters of cells involved in inflammation. If many granuloma form in an organ, it can prevent that organ from working properly. Sarcoidosis can affect many different parts of the body. It often affects the lungs but can also affect the skin, eyes, joints, nervous system, heart and other body parts.   For further information, please following this link:


SarcoidosisUK will benefit from the money raised, not only to help those who suffer from Sarcoidosis, but will also support research into its cause which is currently unknown. SarcoidosisUK research budget is doubled by the British Lung Foundation meaning we can make a real difference in finding a cure for sarcoidosis.

The reason we have chosen SarcoidosisUK this year is because we have experienced first hand how this disease can affect the lives of those we love.

If you wish to make a donation, it can be made through Just Giving:

Thank you

Many of you know my colleague, Liz Yull, and have benefitted from her excellent teaching on Wednesdays,  Fridays and Saturday and occasionally on other days of the week when she has covered for myself or someone else.


Sadly, Liz’s mother-in-law passed away during the summer.  To honour her memory and to support Sue Ryder, the organisation that supported their family during this time, Liz and Malcolm are running in the Great Eastern Half Marathon in Peterborough on 8th October.


If anyone would like to to support Liz in achieving her goal of running and raising funds for Sue Ryder, please follow the link below to their Just Giving Page.


Please consider supporting Liz and Malcolm by following the link below:

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