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Pilates Health Physiotherapy Video Class Library Information

1.  Pilates Health Physiotherapy Video Library is designed for use of Pilates Health Physiotherapy Clients who have

been through an assessment process and who have attended at least some Physiotherapy guided class room classes.

2.  If you do not fall into this category and would like to access this library, you may do so at your own risk. 

3.  All users of Pilates Health Physiotherapy Video Classes will be required to create an account.  This can be done, either via adding your email address, connecting through Facebook or Google.

4.  Any collection of personal information such as email addresses is only collected for the purposes of managing membership to this video library.  We do not share this information with any external source.

5.  Pilates Health Physiotherapy Video Class Library will only be free of charge until week ending 5th April, 2020 after which time you will be required to make payment on login if you wish to continue your access.

6.  Due to the extraordinary circumstances of social isolation (March, 2020), PHP Video classes are new to this site, and as such will continue to be regularly updated with weekly videos

7.  We hope that you find this video resource useful as a way of adding to your weekly Pilates routine.  If you have any queries, please direct them to and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you  from Pilates Health Physiotherapy Team

To sign up for Pilates Health Physiotherapy Online Video Classes, Please click here:

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