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Pilates Health Physiotherapy Taster Class

Whether you regularly attend a Pilates Health Physiotherapy class or are a visitor to this site, you are welcome to try out any taster classes on this page.

Pilates Health Physiotherapy Video Library for members has a wide range of classes, both one hour and 30 minute short classes, to suit all levels of ability.

The video library is divided into Channels:  Beginner/Low Intermediate, Intermediate, Higher and Balance.  The Balance classes are all done in standing and sitting and are suited to anyone who has difficulty getting up and down off a mat, but is also a very useful  resource for anyone wanting to work on improved standing and sitting posture.  

If you are just wanting a 30 minute session, there is a separate channel for 'Short Classes'  

As physiotherapists, our practice is based in the Pilates tradition.  However, the service we offer is based on clinical reasoning and an understanding that where movement changes or is limited by pain, weakness or any related health issues, that education and advice play an important part in movement recovery.

Please be aware, that although our videos offer a valuable resource for maintaining and improving movement, they are not a substitute for professional advice.  If you would like an assessment and advice, please email us at:

Before using any free  Pilates Health Physiotherapy Taster classes, please make sure that you read and understand the Remote Exercise Guidance - follow the link below:

Pilates Health Physiotherapy Beginner Taster Class 

This Taster class is suited to a beginner as well as anyone who wants to work at a lower level or to revisit basic Pilates technique.

12 Days of Christmas Aerobic Challenge

Join Liz Yull in these bite size aerobics to keep you going over the festive season

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