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What is Posture?

  • All human posture is a dynamic state and relates to our ability to control our centre of gravity over our base of support, regardless of our shape or size.

  • Good posture involves a constantly balanced interplay of muscles around our body in order to maintain that centre of gravity over our base of support, no matter whether we are lying, sitting, standing or moving from one position to another.

  • Although our bodies are extremely adaptive to the demands we place on our bony, nervous and muscular systems, over time, the effects of gravity and repetitive daily activities and postures can result in muscle imbalances that may lead to pain, weakness, loss of mobility and ultimately, disability.

  • Regular daily exercises that focus on bringing our muscles into balance around our centre of gravity can have a preventative effect on postural disability, much the same as brushing our teeth each day will prevent tooth decay. 

This 'Let's Talk About Posture' video will show you some simple everyday exercises that will help you to maintain that muscle balance.  You do not need any equipment or mats, and all exercises can be done in standing.

This exercise list is in no way comprehensive, nor prescriptive, but is a starting point for anyone wanting to improve their everyday posture.

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