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January February 2020

Class Timetable

Class levels:

Please note that class levels are colour coded.  

Your level will generally be identified by your experience and the observations of the instructor.  If you feel that your level is not suited to your ability, please discuss this with your instructor.  

When requesting a 'catch up' class, please be aware that we can only move you one level above or below your level of ability.  This is for your safety and to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the class.

Class code descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Room and Instructor Changes:   

Pilates Health Physiotherapy endeavours to keep things consistent with venues and instructors and to offer the same service regardless of venue or instructor. But sometimes things change and we may need to vary where and who will take the class.  Pilates Health Physiotherapy has a great team of instructors who all communicate the needs of their class clients and all instructors have a high level of expertise and experience.  If we need to change your class venue or instructor for any reason, you can find these changes below.

Room Changes:

Instructor Changes:

Heather Thornton will be covering the following dates and times:

Monday am  06/01  9.30/10.30 and 11.45am,    20/01  9.30/10.30 and 11.45am

Tuesday pm  07/01   6.45pm & 8pm    14/01  6.45pm & 8pm   21/01 6.45pm & 8pm 

Wednesday  08/01  2.30 & 3.15pm   15/01  2.30 & 3.15pm   22/01  2.30 & 3.15pm

Thursday am 09/01  9.15 & 10.15am  23/01  9.15, 10.15, 11.30am,  12.30pm

Liz Yull  will be covering the following dates and times:

Monday am  13/01  9.30/10.30 and 11.45am  27/01  9.30/10.30 and 11.45am 

Wednesday  08/01  12.15pm 15/01  12.15pm   22/01  12.15pm

Thursday am 09/01  11.30am & 12.30pm  16/01  9.15 & 10.15am, 11.30am & 12.30pm 

Helen Lammin will be covering the following dates and times:

Monday am  06/01  6pm & 7.15pm,   13/01  6pm & 7.15pm,   


Instructor Key:  HH - Helen Hartley,  LH - Louisa Hartley,  LY - Liz Yull,   HT - Heather Thornton  Helen Lammin - HL

Cancellation Policy: Classes

If you cannot make a class, you must give more than 24 hours notice to either Anita Twiddy (info@pilates-health.com) or text Helen Hartley (07789465383).  We will endeavour to provide you with the opportunity to make up your missed class within the current term if a space is available.  PHP do not carry over classes into the following term other than in exceptional circumstances