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Online New Members Package

New Members Package includes:

  • Online Health Screening

  • 30 Minute one to one online assessment and introduction to our teaching methods

  • First online Pilates class free of charge

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Clinical Assessment and Treatment

Due to the current COVID19 restrictions, Pilates Health Physiotherapy is currently only providing online assessment and treatment or if you wish to do Face to Face, we can also offer a Home Visit under Public Health England Guidelines for infection control.


Online Assessment and Treatment:

45 minute appointment - £45

Home Visit

45 minute - £90

For appointments, please contact us at:


Remote Classes 

Are you a regular PHP member & would like to do a 'technique check'?

Technique check includes:

  • Email confirmation prior to appointment to identify any particular areas or exercises you wish to discuss.  If it is a more clinical enquiry, your physiotherapist will recommend that you book a clinical session

  • 30 Minute one to one online technique 'check'

  • Please note this ONLY available if you are currently enrolled in PHP membership plan

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Pilates Classes

  • Higher Intermediate class - suit anyone who has attended Pilates classes for some, has a good grasp on the principles of Pilates and has minimal or managed MSK or movement issues.

  • Lower Intermediate class - suited to someone fairly new to Pilates or those with specific MSK or movement issues that would need closer monitoring and support

  • Balance class - suited to those who find getting up and down off a mat difficult.  Also a great class for anyone who wants to improve functional posture and balance

  • Recorded sessions available in video library online with some plans


Exercise For Health Classes

  • Based on the WHO guidelines for physical activity for all adults of all ages and abilities

  • Uses the combined benefit of intervals of moderate intensity aerobic exercise with intervals of Pilates and relaxation exercises


Remote live stream classes uses the Zoom platform.

Membership Plans


Video and Zoom Class Feedback:

'It felt as good as being in a physical class - 'good audio and good visual' experience'


'Was an excellent class - just as good as attending one without the travel time! Clear instructions with clear video meant i could follow everything and appropriate challenge levels built in. '

Zoom Consultation Feedback:


'Thank you so much for your help....It's very good to have some authoritative advice'


I've been doing the exercises you recommended with impressive results.  My knees hardly hurt at all and I'm back to running 20k a week'