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Exercise Sessions to Keep you going ....

On this page you will find YouTube links to exercise sessions filmed by the APPI - this is the company that trains specifically physiotherapists in adapting Pilates based exercise to make them safe and effective for everyone, no matter your ability or level of fitness. All Pilates Health Physiotherapy Instructors have trained through the APPI.

These videos may be helpful in keeping you focused on doing some exercises between classes or over term breaks. However, it is important to understand they are not a substitute for a class.  Your PHP Instructor knows you, your shape, level of fitness and ability and takes all of these things into account when planning a class.

So enjoy using these videos as a source of extra homework, but remember to use your judgement, remember what you have learnt in class and above all, work at your own level.  If one of these exercises does not suit you, have a rest, practice some deep breathing and wait for the next one!

November Pilates - focussing on balance and falls prevention

Presented by Mel Bryant, APPI Health Group

Pilates for Back Pain  .... a lovely basic 30 minute video from a physiotherapist in Leeds

Achieving Mindfulness with Emma ...a lovely way to achieve relaxation either through your Pilates session or just as a way to improve your sleep

APPI - Balance Workout with Mel Bryant

APPI - Stretch yourself these holidays with Lauren Charlton

APPI - Standing workout with Mel Bryant

APPI - Abdominal focus with Mel Bryant

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